Thursday 29th September 2022 10:00am - 4:00pm

Location: Farfield Mill

Contact: Jo Mowbray



Admission: £60

Learn how to create a landscape picture through the wonderful art of wet felting, in this workshop you will be given step by step instructions & demonstrations on how to create a landscape, whether it’s hillside, seaside or meadows (please bring a picture of your choosing)

Using soft merino wools like a paint palette you will represents nature’s beautiful landscape with interesting wools and fibres, which will then be “Wet Felted” to bind everything together and create a wonderful, felted picture for you to take home.

The course will cover :-

Understanding the qualities of wool fibres

How to consider colour, light, composition & movement in your picture

Blending, layering, and adding texture using wools, silks and Angelina fibres

Working with loose fibres to create structure and form

Learning the “wet felting” process using soap, water & agitation to bind fibres together

Please bring with you an old towel and plastic bag (your picture will still be wet)

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