This first issue of Sedbergh & District Lookaround in 1986 appeared as a 4 page newsletter. The quality was poor by today’s standards as it had to be printed with a dot matrix printer in sections on plain paper, then cut out and placed on a master sheet. The sections were then stuck down and the whole lot photocopied on both sides. Photocopiers in those early days did not like double sided copying and many sheets either crumpled or got stuck in the machine.

Things have moved on since then and there is now a monthly print run of 800 to 1000 copies with 80 to 100 professionally printed A5 pages inside a full colour cover. It is estimated that just over 4 people read each copy making a readership of about 4,000 people.

The Lookaround is available on the 1st of every month from February to December. It is obtainable for a £1 donation from Ryecrofts hardware store, Sedbergh Post Office, Spar, Sedbergh Information Centre, Dent Stores and Barbon Inn & Stores.

In addition to the normal printed copy the Lookaround is also available in large print for the partially sighted in the area and as an Audio Lookaround which is an abridged version of some of the articles digitally recorded onto USB memory sticks and distributed to the blind members of our community.

Online copies are available from the Lookaround website: