Tuesday 21st February 2023

Location: Buskholme

Work has started to build two Astro turf pitches and car parking next to the Hirst Centre on the area of New Field and some of the open ground to the South. The contractors doing the work are Hunts, a specialist sports’ surface contractor and their plant and vehicles will be in the area until July 2023. There will be various phases to the project, and we will keep you informed when there is likely to be any major disruption.

The initial work will be earth moving which will be contained mainly on the pitch area. We anticipate some disruption to the footpath so we have added safety barriers on the side of the track next to the Busk Holme pitches to separate pedestrians from vehicles. There will be some movement of plant and machinery on the track down to the barn and beyond. The contractors have been asked to include this in their risk assessments and to ensure that vehicles are accompanied by a “banksman” on foot to warn of pedestrian movement. However, we do ask people to be alert and to take care if using the path in that area.

For those with environmental concerns, care will be taken not to impact wildlife in the Old Peculiar and Bruce Loch ponds and an additional mixed deciduous plantation will be planted to the South of the new pitches in the next few weeks.

We appreciate that some may find this work may have some minor disruption to their walks and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Every care has been taken in compiling our events list and we believe the information to be correct but we cannot accept responsibility for any inconvenience or expense arising from its use. We suggest that you confirm details and prices directly with the event organiser if you require definitive details.