Night Sky. © David ‘Hoff’ ForknallCongratulations Jonathan Steven Dunkinson, the judges were impressed with the humorous and imaginative story that you told through your poem. It is a charming and funny, rhyming poem about a battle between the Gods, Thor and Zeus, being witnessed by a young person.

It was a clear night I have to say,
And everything was going my way.

Then Thor came along with his mighty hammer.
He shot the floor and it went “kablamer”.

Zeus turned up with his master bolt.
He looked at the sky, the shade cobalt.

Thor and Zeus came eye-to-eye,
And thunder appeared from up in the sky.

The battle had lasted the whole night,
Their only aim seemed to be to fight.

But the thing was I filmed it on my phone.
I showed my brothers when I got home.

My brothers looked at me, then smiled and said,
The whole stupid thing was in my head.

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