Sedbergh Town, Main StreetCongratulations Max Whitehead, the judges were impressed with the bizarre creatures and magical, hidden world you created right underneath The Green Door Sweet Shop in Sedbergh. The young narrator allows for an easy and smooth transition from reality to a surreal world

Dad was going to meet his old school friend in Sedbergh and after days of begging him to let me come along he agreed to take me with him. I was secretly hoping that he would take me to the Green Door Sweetie Shop. The Green Door was amazing! The walls of the shop are lined with jars of sweets filled to the brim. The variety of sweets is overwhelming, from gobstoppers and gummy bacon to dark chilli chocolate. When you walk in, the smell makes your mouth water and you have to try not to dribble, which is very hard.

Dad decided to meet in the Green Door with his old friend. Whilst they were talking away I got in the queue. There were a few excited girls and boys in front of me. I was playing with my Lego figure so waiting was not that boring for me until l dropped it on the floor under the desk. When I bent down I found a green trapdoor but no Lego figure. I thought it could be stuck under the trapdoor and I lifted it up slowly. Before I knew it, strong hands pulled me down. I landed on a conveyer belt among fizzy bonbons. I was about to put one of them into my mouth when someone slapped my cheek.

“How dare you!” said a creature that looked like a courgette with legs and arms made out of sticks. I looked around and I saw a load of courgette men making different sweets: spicy, sour and sweet ones. There was so much icing sugar in the air that I sneezed very loudly. The courgette men heard me and started moving towards me. It felt like a herd of elephants was surrounding me. Judging by the look on their faces the men were very angry that I invaded their territory. I felt terrified, my mouth went dry and my heart was racing like crazy. All I could say was,

“Have you seen my Lego figure anywhere?’’ I could tell they did not have any idea what I was talking about so I started explaining to them what Lego is and how much fun you could have with it. They still looked confused so I grabbed warm bonbon from the conveyer belt and shaped it like some Lego. The courgette men finally understood and started smiling.

“I have a genius idea!” shouted an intelligent looking courgette.

And so was I standing there in a rainbow print apron showing courgette men how to make Lego shaped bonbons. We had so much fun working together but I kept wondering how I could go home. When the clever courgette saw the worried look on my face, he gave me a bag of sweets and led me up the stairs. As I was leaving, I could hear the rest of the courgettes shouting in harmony,


As I got out Dad finally stopped talking and was trying to find me. Dad saw the sweets and we drove home as happy as we will ever be. If you ever go to Sedbergh, walk along the Main Road and pop into the Green Door shop you are guaranteed to have a great day!!!!!

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