Formed in 2017 it has representation from key local organisations, local authorities, Parish Council, National Park Members, business representatives, local employers and others.


Sedbergh Economic Partnership Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference provides the role, purpose and structure of the Economic Partnership, these are currently under review.

Sedbergh Growth Framework 2021

The Sedbergh Growth Framework sets out the vision for the future sustainable growth of Sedbergh and the immediate hinterland.

Sedbergh Economic Appraisal Study

A Study for Further Economic Development of Sedbergh. This report provides an assessment of the Sedbergh economic area based on research, data interpretation and a series of meetings with businesses and key community representatives during 2019/20 and then details areas for change to support the economic growth and development of the town.

Sedbergh Housing Growth – Economic Assessment

Housing Growth in Sedbergh – Economic Assessment. This report considers the economic case for housing focussing on demographics, the demand for accommodation, affordability and economic impact.