Saturday 27th June 2020 9:30am - 3:00pm

Location: Main Street Sedbergh

The market is held in the town’s historic centre and gives an opportunity to small farmers, cooks, crafters, market gardeners, makers and artists to display their produce and products. Almost all stall holders come from within a few dozen miles of Sedbergh and many from Sedbergh and district.

Some other events in June 2020

Wednesday 3rd June 2020 1:00pm

Jessica Duchen – ‘Words and Music’

An illustrated musical talk by critic, journalist & music-lover Jessica Duchen, author of the Beethoven novel ‘Immortal’.

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Wednesday 3rd June 2020 7:30pm

Castalia String Quartet

In past Festivals, this quartet has taken us to all the major quartet composers in the repertoire. This year Mozart K589, and, excitingly, Jen Hartley’s String Quartet No 1 and maybe more riches to come

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Thursday 4th June 2020 1:00pm

Sedbergh School’s Young Musicians

Significant talent on our doorstep

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Thursday 4th June 2020 8:00pm

Sedbergh Orchestra

The central work of the performance will be Carnival of Animals’ by Saint-Saens but it will also include Dvorak’s Carnival Overture.

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Friday 5th June 2020 1:00pm

The Topsy Turvy World Of Gilbert & Sullivan

Judith Buckle and Matthew Craven celebrate with words  and music the hugely successful theatrical partnership of W.S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur  Sullivan.

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Friday 5th June 2020 7:30pm

Bach to the Future

Percussion led bebop meets German Baroque, keyboard glistened jazz melds with high polyphony. This is Bach played the way you never thought he could be in this concert for all ages, played with love and respect for Bach, as well as showing energy for the future.

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