Sorry, the event "Farfield Mill - ‘Design in the Dales’ – The Heart of the Mill" occurred in the past and we no longer have information for it.

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Much More Than Meets The Eye! – Exhibition by James Owen Thomas - Friday 1st March 2019 - Sunday 28th April 2019
Forgotten Landscapes, Hidden Secrets - Saturday 2nd March 2019 - Monday 6th May 2019
Weaving with Silk - Wednesday 3rd April 2019
Embroidery Workshop - Friday 12th April 2019
Acrylic Painting Workshop - Sunday 21st April 2019
Introduction to Needlework - Friday 10th May 2019
Silk FibreArt Picture or Lampshade - Wednesday 15th May 2019
Embroidery Workshop[ - Thursday 13th June 2019