Details of Sheepfest 2016 are available on the Sedbergh Sheepfest website.

This year’s theme was Books. A number of book themed sheep were made through the summer and displayed around the town during the festival week.

Sheepfest 2015

East met West in a little town in Cumbria in September 2015.

Following the success of the previous year’s event Sheepfest 2015 was extended to cover two weekends from Saturday 12th to Sunday 20th September.

cw_dragon3 This year there was a distinctly Oriental feel to the celebrations in recognition that 2015 is the Chinese Year of the Sheep. Pagoda Arts Centre in Chinatown, Liverpool brought its Chinese Youth Orchestra and a Chinese dragon paraded through the town on both weekends. At the heart of Sheepfest were the 88 wonderful sheep created by the people of Sedbergh for the Sheep Trail throughout Sedbergh and Farfield Mill, many of them with a Chinese theme.

Each weekend saw a number of events in the Town and Farfield Mill, including:

  • The Chinese Dragon procession through the town.
  • A wool and crafts market.
  • A guided walk across the fields and along the riverside to Farfield Mill led by Allison O’Neill, the ‘Barefoot Shepherdess’ and her sheepdog ‘Shadow’.
  • Wool themed exhibitions at Farfield Mill all week and continuing until October.
  • ‘The Wheel Turns’, a poignant, funny short play based on the history of Farfield Mill by Helen Bromley and Spellbound Theatre.
  • Children’s workshops.
  • Chinese Youth Orchestra performances and a dance performed by Settlebeck & Sedbergh Primary school students.
  • Performance by ‘The Long Walk Chinese Ensemble’ – British musicians who, in the wake of the tragic death of the Chinese cockle pickers in Morecambe Bay formed this ensemble to connect with the Chinese community there.
  • Book launch – ‘Telling it like it was’. Anthea Boulton gave readings from the chapter ‘Sheep’ recalling memories of life in Dent and Sedbergh.

Sheep in shop window Sheep with stir-fry