Agendas and minutes of the committees and full Council meetings are available on our meetings page.

Amenities Committee
Responsible for management of the car parks, toilets, the football field, children’s playground, Parish Council lighting, benches, litter etc
The Amenities Committee meets once a month, normally on the first Wednesday of the month.

Policy & Resource Committee
Responsible for establishing and reviewing policies, compliance, risk, accounts, budget, audit and the development of the Council’s website.
The Policy & Resource Committee meets once a month normally two days before the main Council meeting.

Planning Committee
The Committee assesses all planning applications and, for most proposals, submits comments to the Planning Authority on behalf of the Council.  The Committee reports to the full Council on more significant development proposals and also on related matters such as appeals, consultations on policy reviews, local plans, the conservation area, affordable housing etc.
The Planning Committee meets as required but normally once a month.
The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) is the local planning authority for Sedbergh Parish.

Queens Garden Committee
Responsible for periodic review of the management and maintenance of the gardens and consideration of proposals for the future development and use of the gardens.
The Queens Garden Committee normally meets as required but usually every 3 months.

Sedbergh Economic Partnership
This is not a committee of the Parish Council but a working party set up for the purpose of promoting and managing improvements to the highways and townscape of Sedbergh. The working party includes members of the Parish Council and representatives of local organisations, the Highways Authority, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority and South Lakeland District Council.