Sledging in the snow . © Colin Cowperthwaite.Congratulations Harry Dawson, the judges were impressed with your use of emotive and descriptive language throughout your poem. You can almost feel the cold and dampness of the snow as if you were actually there witnessing the scene. The clever use of the title and the past in the last two lines creates a sense of nostalgia and a cyclic nature to the piece.

The whistle of the wind ringing through my ears.

The children running and playing,

In the festive sheets of the winter on the hillside,

Sledging, speeding down the fell, filled with pride.

Frost biting my ankle, nipping my neck, my nose and ears,

Temperature dropping,

My clothes soaked from head to toe from the layers of soft snow,

Fluttering through the air like cautious raindrops,

Firmly landing on my face.

Shivering cold, my lips blue, shrivelled and cheeks red, stinging.

Hollow footprints, snow crunching beneath my steps,

Presenting a trace of the past,


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