Sonnet for Indianna

My dear daughter and companion drove out in the dawn.
We reached our destination without words, unable to speak.
The sky above was painted fire and all the curtains still drawn.
We met the sad faces, stilled, expressionless and bleak.

Watched from the hall he carried her gently down the stair.
Our hearts cried out in dreadful memory mourning our loss.
Our tears falling, yet still waiting there, many more to fall.
Such a silent and forlorn assembly, bearing a crippling cost

To the garden we took her balloons and sent them into the sky
Globes in her favoured shades of mauve and brightest pink
On that hot morning we let go the string, watched them fly
Wayward, floating colours lost, receding, gone in a blink.

Gazing, peering upward as her favourite rose the fastest,
as if caught by angel hands, heaven’s newly arrived guest.

Coming Through: Earth Speaks

The virus threat has given me respite
your human panic brought me time to breathe
in cities air was fresh and let in light
please humans, think what you wish to bequeath.

You’ve measured progress by the rule of more
your main concern is profit at all costs
this faith in greed not need has led to war
whole species, forests, clean seas have been lost.

So, tragic as these recent deaths have been
for every soul who perished keep in mind
how you can cherish life and what this means
for all on earth as well as human kind.

The path ahead, less travelled, although clear
to act for good with love and not from fear.