(To the tune of Onward Christian Soldiers.)

There are some pretty traffic lights
Along the road from me,
They always turn from green to red
As soon as me they see.

There is a line of bollards too,
All black and white and red
They often get knocked over so
Roll in the road instead.

When the lights do finally turn
and in my favour show,
The workmen move their diggers out
so I must……s l o w l y  g o.

The lights change then before I reach
The end of dug up patch
So I reverse for half a mile
And start again f r o m   s c r a t ch.

The Sound of Summer Birds – but which ones?
To the traditional tune of O Waly Waly The Water is Wide
(Answers at the end)

With a chirrup chirrup
You leave the ground
I can hear your plea-
sant warbling song
I’m squinting up
How high have you gone?
Your flight is fluttery
Then you glide along

Perched on the hedge
A shy bird thee
A very long deeply
down curved bill
Your distinctive call
Gives you your name
cour-eee cour-eee
You fly fast away

Like a small bird of prey
Resting on a branch
Your call is distinct
and carries far
Cuc-oo cuc-oo
A pleasing sound
Then you take flight
into the wood

Delicate small finch
In yonder tree
Singing your song
all tinklings and trills
As you take flight
you’re calling out
Whit-a-whit, whit
A tinkling sound

Perched on the wire
Small, plump and broad
Forked tail, tiny feet,
short pointy wings.
Prrit, prrit, prrit, prrit
your calling song
A fast fluttery flight
to the house beyond.