We are asking YOU to write a poem based on the ‘rule’ explained that month. Print it out or write it out very neatly, add your name and a contact number and/or email on the back and post it through the door of Sleepy Elephant, 41 Main Street, Sedbergh or email your entry to booktown@sedbergh.org.uk by the end of April.

There will be several on-line places (Sedbergh Community Forum, Booktown website, Lookaround website) where the poems will be displayed (no contact details will appear), so your work will be available to everyone to read.

We will chose a subject each month which applies loosely to Sedbergh life and hope at the end of the year to have a collection of poems that can be published.

Poetry Challenge No 2 – Here is April’s Subject  – LEARNING

Please write about Learning in the form of a Tricube

A Tricube  is a modern form of poetry that has 3 syllables per line, 3 lines per verse and 3 verses in each poem.   The poem may rhyme or not as you chose.


I tell my
children to
study hard

The future
will reward
their best efforts

Yet I fear
their world will
be much changed.

Please have a go, its good fun and if you write a poem each month you will have a little book of your own work at the end of the year, how good is that?

Here are all your Haikus from the March challenge on the subject of Spring, 17 in total, which is a tremendous effort.

Rain falls from grey clouds
Floods over the muddy fields
Lambs in macs

Celandine sunburst
Pungent white Ransomes explode
Bluebell rug

Lamb Springs
Lambs frolic in gangs
Racing along the field’s edge
Springs for legs

Longer days return
Feel warmth again on my skin
My mood lifts

Fells still mist hidden
beck is brim full, sky clay-grey
While pink blossoms dance

Today soft slant rain
displaces days of downpour
blackthorn heralds spring

Buds become flowers
lambs’ tails lengthen
Spring is approaching

Spring has sprung, hoorah!
chance to dance your blues away
Live your life today.

Daffs glow golden light,
Crocus, purple, yellow, white
Snowdrops shining bright.

Bright nights, bright mornings,
Spring flowers bloom all a-knowing
herald Spring, no warning.

Spring to your feet, meet
Spring’s coiled energy and
Spring’s showers retreat.

Lambs in woolly vests
Baby birds in cosy nests
Young bunnies, leverets.

Spirits lift, sun warmer,
Birdsong rising, nests thriving
Brings Summer longing.

The crows catch the wind
They hurtle across the sky
What fun it must be

Spring is sprung,
The grass is riss,
I wonder where my mower is?!

The Nature of Cats
Urgent mews downstairs
A fieldmouse rescue required
Time for the cat’s bells.

First Signs on Crook
Lone clumps of frogspawn
Bitter wind. Can it be Spring?
The first skylark sings.

Here, March Equinox
Bumble bee and railway arch
Sunshine lifts spirits